The following are general guidelines for acceptable donations to the ReStore. Please Note: Any appliance found to be misrepresented will be rejected on site. If it cannot be tested on site and is found later to be misrepresented, the item may be returned to the donor and/or removed from our copy of the donation receipt. (Current laws on some resale merchandise could prohibit us from accepting certain donations.)


Adhesives / Caulk

  • New, unopened and not expired


  • Must be clean and in 100% working condition
  • Must have all parts: knobs, trays, burners, shelves, etc.
  • Refrigerators, Stoves/Ovens (gas & electric), Cooktops, Microwaves, Range Hoods/Tops
  • Washers, Dryers, Trash Compactors – 10 years old or newer
  • Dishwashers – 2 years old or newer
  • Water heaters – 2-3 years old or newer
  • Water Softeners – Call ahead (330-745-9098)
  • Handheld and Countertop Appliances – New only

Architectural Items

  • Columns
  • Mantels
  • Porch Posts

Bath / Plumbing Fixtures & Hardware

  • All items must be clean and in very good, usable condition, no chips, cracks or rust
  • Plumbing Supplies – Clean, assorted is preferred
  • Toilets – Must include a tank top
  • Sinks – All types (faucets may or may not be accepted under current laws)
  • Bathtubs – New or in very good used condition
  • Shower Enclosures/Doors – New only
  • Pipe – PVC, metal and copper, supplies and fittings
  • Bath Accessories: Towel bars, soap dishes, toilet paper holders, toothbrush holders – Complete with brackets and hardware
  • Handicap Grab Bars & Support Items – Good condition with all parts and accessories

Brick & Block / Stone & Rock

  • Bricks & Cinder Blocks – Call ahead (330-745-9098)
  • Landscape stone, wall & veneer – Reasonably clean with little debris or mortar
  • Stone – must be able to be handled by one person
  • Landscape rock – must be in bag or bucket

Cabinets / Countertops

  • Individual pieces or full sets of cabinets – with all doors and drawers
  • Wood and Metal – Must be well-maintained; free of rot, rust and in usable condition
  • Countertops – Call ahead (330-745-9098)


  • Ceiling Fans – Working order with all parts, including hanging/ceiling box bracket; reasonably up to date
  • Ceiling Tile: All types –  Like new condition; in original packaging marked with either manufacture date or containing the words “no asbestos”; MUST be manufactured after 1980.
  • Grid Pieces – Full lengths, no damage, no rust


  • We DO NOT ACCEPT chemicals. This includes cleaning products, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, fertilizers and the like.
  • EXCEPTION: Limited household chemicals may be accepted from businesses only as long as original packaging is intact with consumer label and is not expired or being phased out per regulations.

Cove Base, Vinyl

  • New only, full lengths or mostly full rolls; in original packaging marked with either manufacture date or containing the words “no asbestos”; MUST be manufactured after 1980.


  • Must be in good condition, no rust, rot, cracks or separating
  • All types: Wood, Metal, Metal Clad – Pre-hung or door slabs
  • Window panes – must be intact
  • Sliding Glass/Patio Doors – Excellent to good shape, with full frame (all tracking), no broken seals (fogging)
  • Screen – Complete, no rot or damage; prefer screen material to be intact
  • Garage: Metal Doors Only – All panels, no damage, rust or rot, fully functional; if glass, no broken panes
  • Garage Door Parts: Tracks, springs, cables, rollers, hinges, etc. – in good condition
  • Electric Openers – 5 years old or less, perfect working order needing no repair or parts

Drywall / Sheetrock / Accessories

  • Full or half sheets only
  • No watermarks, mold or broken corners
  • Joint Compound (Mud) – New, unopened and not expired
  • Tape – Clean and dry, never damp
  • Corner Bead – Full, undamaged sticks; if rolled, partial rolls accepted

Electrical: Lighting Fixtures / Supplies

  • Usable parts and supplies
  • Light Fixtures – Must be in working order, nothing broken, prefer they are clean, no rust
  • Fans – Must be working and complete, with blades removed and taped to motor


  • Chain Link Fabric, Gates & Top Rail – Good condition, little damage or rust
  • Wooden – In panels, any height, little rot or deterioration, good structural condition
  • Vinyl – Full pieces or panels only, no damage
  • All Posts – Structurally sound, unbent, clean with no concrete attached
  • All Other Fence Material – Chicken wire, snow fence, etc. are acceptable with no rust, tears or other damage

Fireplaces & Accessories

  • Fireplaces, Stand-Alone – Good condition with all parts, well-maintained, relatively clean
  • Parts: Inserts, Fronts, Doors – All parts, well-maintained, reasonably clean
  • Accessories: Gas Logs, Tools, Wood Cradles, Etc. – Working order, no damage/rust, reasonably clean


  • Carpet/Carpet Padding – New only
  • Vinyl Tile, Sheet Vinyl, Linoleum, Laminate – New only, in usable quantity
  • Wood or Parquet Flooring – All types, free of rot and in usable quantities
  • Tile: Ceramic, Slate, other – Unused or clean, no broken pieces


  • Must be free of rips, tears, odors and stains
  • Must be in overall good condition & needing no repair
  • Patio: Tables, chairs, benches, swings, umbrellas – Little to no rust, well-maintained, sturdy; if plastic, not cracked or brittle
  • Mattress/Box Springs – New only and in plastic/original packing


  • Mirrors – Good condition with no chips, cracks or discoloration
  • No unframed glass


  • Door Knobs, Hinges, Locks, Cabinet Pulls, Nails, Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Etc. – Must be in good condition, no rust, preferably separated by type/style


  • Furnaces : Gas or electric – 5 years old or newer, perfect working order needing no repair or parts, inner workings not rusty, well-maintained
  • Air Conditioners (Central Outdoor Unit) – 5 years old or less, perfect working order needing no repair or parts, well-maintained
  • Air Conditioners (Window) – 5 years old or newer, perfect working order needing no repair or parts, well-maintained
  • Duct – All types; 2′ sections and longer, no rust or corrosion
  • Duct Fittings – All types, no rust or corrosion
  • Vents/Covers – No rust


  • New only

Lawn Tools & Equipment

  • See Tools

Lumber / Plywood / Trim

  • All lumber, plywood and trim must be in good condition with no nails, screws, rot or damage
  • Plywood – Full, 1/2 sheets and 1/4 sheets, no irregular shapes
  • Lumber – Minimum 4 feet lengths All scraps must be 4 feet or longer
  • Trim & Molding – Minimum 4 feet long
  • Handrail – Minimum 6 feet long
  • Landing Posts and Spindles – Undamaged and unaltered
  • Railroad Ties – None

Paint / Stain / Wall Coverings

  • Paint/Stain – New, full cans only
  • Consumer labels intact and readable with color swatch on lid, no leaking, rusty or damaged, contents never frozen
  • Less than five years old
  • No pick ups from individuals (drop off only)
  • Spray Paint – New cans only
  • Miscellaneous – We DO NOT ACCEPT hazardous, caustic, acidic, flammable or otherwise dangerous fluids, materials or containers for these materials
  • Wallpaper/Border – Full rolls only


  • Wrought-Iron or Wood – All lengths, well-maintained with little rust or deterioration

Roofing Materials / Gutters

  • Shingles – New, complete bundles only
  • Rolls of Roofing Material – 1/2 roll minimum
  • Gutter Materials – Full pieces, no rust or damage


  • Vinyl – full, undamaged pieces or accessories only
  • Wooden/Hardboard – 6′ long or longer for lengths, at least 1/2 sheet large for sheets/panels, full pieces for shake-type, no damage or rot


  • Pieces – Must be in good, clean condition
  • Assembled Shelving Units – Sturdy with no rust or other damage


  • Interior and exterior
  • Vinyl & Wooden – Good condition, no damage, rot, brittleness or heavy fading

Swing Sets / Play Sets

  • Complete with all parts, including instructions or detailed photos of assembled item
  • No rot or rust
  • Disassembled for transport

Tools / Lawn

  • Hand – Construction or gardening; nothing broken, worn-out or rusted; fully functional
  • Power – Less than 7 years generally, must have all parts, fully functional
  • Gas-Powered – Fully functional, must demonstrate that it works


  • Floor, Ceiling and Return – Clean and in good condition

Windows / Screens

  • Double-Hung, Slider, Casement/Awning, Fixed/Picture & Architectural – Double-paned, wooden, vinyl or metal construction
  • Must have full frame, no rot, no cracked/broken glass or seals, fully operational

Window Treatments

  • Venetian or “Mini” Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Curtain Rods, Traverse Rods – New only

Please Note: The ReStore reserves the right to refuse any donation for any reason. Before a donation is displayed for sale, merchandise must be cleaned as much as possible and visually inspected for damage. Any visible damage will be noted in an inventory log and on a tag attached to the product.


  • No pianos
  • No desks over 5ft. wide
  • No wood framed windows
  • No headboards without footboards 
  • No used rugs – only new are accepted 
  • No lumber or wood under 6ft. long 
  • No mattress with rips, stain, or tears or box springs 
  • No kitchenware including dishes, pots, pans or silverware
  • No fluroescent lights
  • No baby cribs, car seats, or gates
  • No ladders
  • No office dividers
  • No glass shower doors
  • No blinds unless new in box
  • No curtain rods 
  • Christmas Trees and Decor are only accepted in the months of October, November and December
  • Only flatscreen TVs are accepted