Welcome New Partner Family

By: Kim Kerr, Family Services Manager kimk@hfhsummitcounty.org We welcomed a new partner to our Habitat Family in June. After taking a pause from accepting applications, we are so happy to introduce our new family to the group. Erin believes a home means family, safety, security and love. The Habitat organization is happy to be a… Continue reading Welcome New Partner Family

Growing a New Lawn

By: Kim Kerr, Family Services Manager I have never owned a newly built home.  When we have moved into our homes the grass has already been growing and is ready to be mowed.  Here at Habitat, many of our homes are brand new builds.  That means the lawns are brand new also.  I thought it… Continue reading Growing a New Lawn

Loyal Volunteer Pallet Projects

Pallet Project

Old unwanted pallets turned into crafty decorations for your home! Our Loyal Volunteers have been working hard in the workshop taking apart old pallets headed to the dumpster. They are using the reclaimed wood from these pallets to get creative building Christmas trees, snowmen and Ohio wall hangings. These make great holiday gifts while also… Continue reading Loyal Volunteer Pallet Projects

Preparing Your Home for Winter

Preparing Your Home for Winter

By: Kim Kerr, Family Services Manager Summer always seems to fly by so quickly.  It is November already!  We all know in Northeast Ohio what is coming sooner or later.  Some are excited by those cold temperatures and white flakes, while others are dreading those things.  Either way, our houses need to be prepared now… Continue reading Preparing Your Home for Winter

Organizing Important Documents

Organizing important documents

By: Mary Shepherd, Partner Family Coordinator and Kim Kerr, Family Services Manager There are many reasons you, or a loved one, may need to be able to get your hands on important documents.  You may become incapacitated due to an accident or illness, you may have had your wallet stolen leaving you needing to replace… Continue reading Organizing Important Documents

If A Natural Disaster Hit…

If A Natural Disaster Hit...

By: Mary Shepherd, Partner Family Coordinator Several weeks ago Summit County experienced excessive rain and nearby areas were flooded. In mid-August, Summit County experienced high winds which uprooted trees and caused home damage and electric outages. Summit County periodically experiences thunderstorms, snowstorms and tornadoes.  Disasters can strike with little notice, and it’s important to be… Continue reading If A Natural Disaster Hit…

Home Inventory

Home Inventory

By: Mary Shepherd, Partner Family Coordinator If someone asked you to list all the contents of your home, could you do it?  Even if you could list everything, would you be able to provide detailed information – purchase date, cost, model, serial number?  Those who have experienced a major loss of the contents of their… Continue reading Home Inventory

Homeowner Spotlight: Darlisa


Darlisa officially became a proud Habitat Homeowner at a home dedication ceremony in November of 2016. She is currently is a Branch Service Manager at Huntington National Bank and will start school at Stark State this fall to earn a degree in psychology. Homeownership before the age of 30 has been Darlisa’s dream and she… Continue reading Homeowner Spotlight: Darlisa