The Carter-Keys Family

Latrieka is a mother of three. Daughter Jimajah, 18, attends Akron Early College of the University of Akron. Son Donta, 17, is a sophomore and member of the Pre-Young Scholars Program of Ohio State. Youngest son, Dovion, 13, is a member of The Gifted Students Program of Akron Public Schools. All three children maintain merit/honor roll and are very athletic.

Latrieka heard about Habitat from her aunt, who is a Habitat homeowner. A co-worker and friend encouraged Latrieka to apply as she had, and both were accepted as partner families.

Latrieka says that purchasing a home she helps build is a blessing that the family will not take for granted. “Our home will be filled with lots of love, laughs and great memories.”

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The Carter-Keys’s home was built in Akron!