1. Create a Budget
    • Make a plan before you start shopping. You can easily start buying, get carried away and spend more than expected. Don’t let the colorful back to school displays distract you from the items you really need instead of the items that are impulsive wants. 
  2. Shop Second Hand
    • Before heading to the big box stores, visit your local ReStore, Goodwill, and Salvation Army to shop second hand. ReStore has items 50-90% off retail value which saves you money but also saves the environment. Some school items can be seen as disposable. Items only needed and used for a couple of years at school can be available to you at a second hand shop for half the price originally purchased. 
  3. Shop Off Season
    • Don’t wait until the week before school to get started on your shopping list. If you are shopping second hand, you’ll want to look in the off season to shop a larger selection. Right now all back to school items are in high demand but you can still shop for great pieces throughout the year. Buy a cheap chair for now until you find the perfect one-of-a-kind chair this fall at ReStore for your home desk.