Darlisa officially became a proud Habitat Homeowner at a home dedication ceremony in November of 2016. She is currently is a Branch Service Manager at Huntington National Bank and will start school at Stark State this fall to earn a degree in psychology. Homeownership before the age of 30 has been Darlisa’s dream and she worked hard to become a homeowner at 29 to accomplish her goal. She always refers people to Habitat for Humanity so more people can experience the feeling of stability, safety and accomplishment in their lives. 

Darlisa has two daughters and a one year-old son. “There is no more fighting over one bathroom,” Darlisa laughs as she tells us about life in her new home. Her and her children enjoy the space in their home to live and make many memories. Her family loves to spend time together relaxing on a big comfy sectional and enjoys meals together at a dining room table. The family enjoys making their house a home by gardening and planting flowers and hosting family gatherings. Darlisa says, “my favorite memory has been celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, and July 4th with my family at MY home!” She has worked hard to become a homeowner so she has something to pass down to her children.

As a single homeowner, there have been many struggles along the way that Darlisa has overcome. There is a never ending list of chores including mowing the grass, cleaning the gutters, along with small home repairs that she is responsible for. It’s a learning process but she is thankful for the Habitat Homeowner classes which helped her prepare for the differences between renting and owning a home. 

Darlisa’s advice to other homeowners would be to always save money for emergencies. Through the Habitat program, Darlisa is now able to start a savings that offers her family a level of financial stability and keeps them safe during one of life’s unexpected surprises. It also allows you the opportunity for home upgrades like a snowblower, alarm system, or a garage door opener. Darlisa was able to purchase a video doorbell which was, “the best investment ever!” She saw a suspicious man at her front door while she was at work who later was arrested for breaking in other houses down the street.

We are so proud of all the hard work and dedication from Darlisa to provide a stable home for her family. She worked to make her dreams of homeownership come true and continues to inspire others to accomplish the same goal for their family. Learn more about our homeownership program through the link below and please consider donating to Habitat for Humanity and continue to make dreams like Darlisa’s come true.